Saturday, December 1, 2007

UML MPs criticise their leaders for divergent views

The lawmakers of UML, on Friday, took their leaders to task over the ‘divergent’ views regarding the issue of implementation of proposals on republic and PR system.
At the meeting held at the party’s parliamentary party office, the MPs urged the leaders to clarify the actual wordings and intention of the proposal on republic passed by the special session of the parliament. They complained that the Maoists were making their own interpretations about the proposal. The UML’s proposal on republic was supported by the Maoists while the Maoists’ proposal on PR system was supported by the UML during the special session.
“The MPs have urged to shed light on the UML’s proposal in straight manner,” said UML standing committee member Jhal Nath Khanal, adding, “They also urged the leadership to reach to political resolution soon and pave the way for election.”

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